Quotation “Our high-performance products pass through many development stages in the overall research process before they are put into volume production.”


Guido H. | Research and Development

Research & Development

Always one step further – that’s what drives us forward. Our Research and Development department is always on the lookout for new possibilities and ways to make our existing products better or to develop new products. With a vast amount of expertise, many years of experience and the desire to always become that bit better.

Ideas workshop

Always looking for the next new product

The Windmöller family and its business have stood for innovation and progress for many years., Driven by the constant desire for something new, in combination with a strive for perfection, a number of new developments have come out of the Windmöller ideas workshop.

The basis for new ideas: The pioneer and visionary Ulrich Windmöller and a team of dedicated and highly qualified employees are the source of new ideas. Together, they are constantly working on new products in the field of flooring, accessories and synthetic materials and in recent years have been able to establish a vast number of new products in the flooring market.

“Years of experience and a team of dedicated chemists and creative product managers are behind the innovations: they have played a vital role in the success of these innovations and continue to do so today.”
- Ulrich Windmöller

Thus, in 1990, Windmöller set up the first laminate manufacturing facility in Germany and, in 2009, brought the first vinyl flooring with a click-in system for non-glue installation onto the market. This success made Windmöller Flooring GmbH the market leader in this sector.

Always an idea ahead ... with our polyurethane flooring, we introduced a new generation of permanently elastic flooring with outstanding ecological credentials.

These successes drive us to continue developing new and innovative products in the future with many ideas in the minds of our product developers, we are moving into the future. Together. For our customers.  

Vision and development

Our commitment

Employees in Research and Development at our Detmold site regard themselves as partners and solution providers for modern, safe and challenging building and living. They are particularly concerned with product safety and quality, as is everyone at Windmöller GmbH. Because even if you can't see a product, it still has to meet all necessary requirements, as well as customer expectations.  With their knowledge and experience, they also ensure that all products are easy to install and constantly improve.

Our research and development team use its knowledge and experience to ensure that all our products are easy to work with, ensuring an easy installation process for the end user. And we continue to work in this area to make further improvements to our products and their ease of use.

Extremely strict criteria apply to both research and development, as well as quality assurance.

Hereby, we make sure to combine new developments and ideas with ecological requirements and sustainable business practices. As a manufacturer and producer, we have a particular responsibility to protect both the environment and our climate. The conscious use of valuable energy resources is just as elementary as covering the necessary energy demands with renewable energy sources During our development phase, as well as when procuring raw materials, we always look for the best solution in ecological terms and, wherever possible, for local networks of suppliers.

Being innovative, for us, means responding to individual needs. We, therefore, always offer our customers the opportunity to work with us right from the initial stages of product development. Our employees openly discuss requirements, aspirations and objectives with the customer, ensuring that the final result is a product perfectly reflecting the customers’ requests. This includes the packaging solution, which in combination creates a completely unique product offering!


Always one step ahead

Test, improve, invent – our laboratory technicians are busy on a daily basis optimising our existing product portfolio, while also making new product ideas a reality. Eleven experienced specialists from Quality Assurance (QA) and Research & Development (R&D) ensure we achieve continuous progress without compromising on quality.

The focus of our work is on quality assurance, the improvement of existing products and the optimization of our production methods. In order to optimise the delivery of a perfect product for the customer, our quality assurance process ranges from the incoming goods inspection of all raw materials, to the regular inspection of all manufactured products. The most up-to-date equipment in combination with both official and inhouse inspection procedures. These ensure that we maintain the highest values and adhere to all standards and requirements.

We are also constantly working to develop new innovative products, making sure they are ready for the market. Our most recent development is the high-performance composite material ecuran. This is based on bio-polyurethane and is used, amongst other things, as the base for our polyurethane flooring.

In addition to these new developments, existing products and manufacturing processes are continuously checked and improved. Not just to improve the product itself but also to make our manufacturing processes more efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly. For this purpose, new additives are, for example, tried and tested in a test series. Moreover, modified workflows are also developed.