There's no place like home. This is the place we know best and feel most comfortable. That's why we have remained at our Augustdorf, Detmold, and Bad Oeynhausen locations for generations. Close partnerships, excellent networking and familiar ground is what makes us stand out.

Reaching from Westphalia out into the world

What began as a small wood trade in Bad Oeynhausen has grown over the years to an international business. With three manufacturing sites and over 500 employees, it maintains the down-to-earth, family ethos with which it started in 1948.

Windmöller GmbH at the Augustdorf site

In 1975, with the takeover of the Holzindustrie Hohenhausen, the Augustdorf location was quickly established in the following years. Only three years later, the foundation stone for the future was laid with the purchase of the West German wood industry Detmold and the company Witex was founded, which was to produce high-quality melamine-resin coated chipboards for the furniture industry. And quality pays off: The furniture manufacturing plant in Augustdorf grew steadily until the end of the 1980s. After the focus increasingly concentrated on the production of laminate flooring (Witex until 2012) and design flooring (wineo), the entire production of prefabricated furniture components was relocated to Löhne-Gohfeld around the turn of the millennium.


Windmöller GmbH, Augustdorf site

Windmöller GmbH, Detmold site

Windmöller Polymer Technology (WPT), a subsidiary of the former Witex AG, has been producing high-quality acoustic mats at its site in Detmold since 2000. With great success. With a capacity of 35 million m², it has quickly established itself as a market leader. The Detmold site focuses primarily on polyurethane products, developed from first principles in its own laboratories, as well as the manufacture of noise-reducing mats which are used underneath hard flooring as well as in the door industry. In 2010, WPT was fully integrated into the Windmöller Group. On 1st January 2018, WPT GmbH and WFP GmbH were merged into Windmöller GmbH which now operates as a stand-alone business.

Windmöller GmbH, Detmold site

Windmöller Holzwerkstoffe GmbH in Werste

This is where it all started. In 1948, Albert Windmöller founded Windmöller Holzwerkstoffe. Established in the 1960s with the first warehouse, by 1968, what was previously a timber trading company had become a subcontractor to the East Westphalian furniture industry with the introduction of the first fixed length saw – and this partnership/cooperation continues today. Part of the Windmöller Group since 2012.

Complex prefabricated furniture components are produced here, with large boards cut to customer requirements and delivered just-in-time to customers’ production sites. Approximately 40 employees operate a three-shift system at times, working on large, computer-controlled cutting equipment for customers across Europe.

With up to 1,000 m³ of warehouse space on standard pallets, and approximately 100,000 m³ cutting capacity per annum, Windmöller Holzwerkstoffe is now one of the largest independent providers in this field in the German market.

Windmöller Holzwerkstoffe site in Bad Oeynhausen


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