Product safety

Thinking sustainably and manufacturing sustainably – we take a holistic view of our products. We are constantly looking to protect the environment and to ensure we do not endanger the health of our customers. For a bright future and long-term solutions.

Always safe

We have a responsibility. For the environment. Our products. And our customers and users. That is why we do not base our development and production on the permitted standards, e.g. with regard to harmful ingredients, instead always using the best possible, sustainable materials.

Everything in its place

Modern or renovated buildings with low energy-saving air exchange place particularly high demands on the materials used in the interior. “Old” proven products which no longer meet these requirements have suddenly become a problem, to the point where they have had to be replaced. This is certainly not considered a sustainable approach.

Whether fogging, emissions or unpleasant odours, Windmöller products are designed so that everything stays where it belongs, in the product – thus preventing unpleasant odours as well as black deposits on walls and ceilings.

Only what is needed

We leave being unhealthy to others – which is why we no longer use any dangerous ingredients, solvents, phthalates or formaldehyde in the manufacturing of any of our products. Also, none of our polyurethane products contain PVC or plasticisers.